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  • Salt Scrub

    Quick Overview

    Everyone needs to exfoliate their skin.  It is important to remove dry flakly dead skin from the surface for regeneration of skin cells.  Take a piece of tape and press against your skin when removed do you see visible flakes of dry skin? If so it’s time to exfoliate.

    Our scrubs are not a mere jar of oil, you receive 16 ounces of pure scrub.  Made with Dead Sea Salts adorned with grape seed oil as a natural preservative and Shea butter. 


    The best time to use your scrub is after a shower lather well with Abundantly Aromatic Soap and rinse.  After rinsing turn off the shower and scrub all over and rinse again.  Your skin will have a magnificent glow and your skin cells will be rejuvenated and thanking you.


    Buy the Salt Scrub for $16.50

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    Salt Scrub

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